Welcome to Honors Physics B!
Welcome to Honors Physics B!


Assistance times: Before School every day + Thursday X-Block
Make sure you bring book, pencil/pen, and calculator starting the first day!
Monday 3-21-11
OA: Seat Assignments : .
Homework due: Ch 14: 22,23,51,Q7
Musical Instruments
Booklet detailing the physics of Instruments
brief explanations of various instruments
Closed end instruments
Open end tubes
Sound and Instruments photos
resonance video with tuning forks
Read Chapter 14 sections (10,12)
Ch 14: 43,45,47
Tuesday 3-22-11
OA: A soft drink bottle resonantes as air is blown across its top. What happens to the resonant frequency as the level of fluid in the bottle drops?
Finish Resonance
chapter 14:
Q20, 48, Group Activities G8 (on page 461)... just a conceptual/math problem not really an "activity"
Wednesday 3-23-11
OA: Because of higher humidity, air is a better conductor of electricity in the summer than in the winter. Would you expect the shocks from static electricity to be more severe in summer or in winter? Explain.
Electrostatics (Note sheets)
The atom
How to objects become charged(#1)?
Finding force between charges
Read Chapter 15 section 3
Chapter 15: 2,11,12,13
Thursday 3-24-11- Senior Seminar!
Opening Activity: Go To work!
Review Sheet for Exam #1 Handed out
Sound Wave LabSeniors must make this up before break!!!
Lab Due Thursday
Friday 3-25-11
OA: Determine what the mass of a proton would be if the gravitational force between two of them were equal to the electrical force between them.
Charging Objects
Van De Graff
spheres with pith spheres
Lightning Video
Chapter 15: Q5, Q11,Q17,9,16
Monday Date: 3-28-11
OA. What happens when Alice stands on a thick piece of insulating material, and places her hand on top of a Van de Graaff generator, and then turns on the generator? Let's do it!!
Finish Charging Objects
Van de Graaf Generator
Conductors vs. Insulators
Start Electric Fields
Charges accelerated by electric field
Chapter 15: 20,22, 36
Tuesday Date: 3-29-11
OA: #26 in notes
Draw electric field(10:53-12:26,14:09-s
find electric field due to a point charge
Read Chapter 15.6
Chapter 15: 19,25 and 28,29,30
Looks like a lot of homework but 28, 29, and 30 are drawing pictures
Wednesday Date: 3-30-11
OA: Two point charges are a small distance apart. Sketch the electric field lines for the two if one has a charge four times that of the other and both charges are positive.
Millikan Oil Drop /
Milikan Oil drop video with good pics
Conductors in static equilibrium Gauss’ Law
Read Chapter 15.7, 15.9
Ch 15: 18, 27, 49
Thursday Date: 3-31-11
OA: #50 in book. A small 2 g plastic ball is suspended by a 20 cm long string in a uniform electric field, If the ball is in equilibrium when the string makes a 15 degree angle with the vertical as indicated, what is the net charge on the ball?Topics:
Don't forget to hand in Sound Wave Labs!
Coulomb's Law ExperimentHomework: Due after break:Lab

Friday 4-1-11
None Hand in OAs and Binders
Exam #1 Electrostatics and Musical Instruments
Review Website
Check out the quick quizzes
Homework: Due after break
Monday 4-11-11
OA: What is work? How do you find the work done by a force?
Don't forget to hand in Sound Wave Labs from before break if you were absent....(yes seniors this means you too!)!
Start Energy for Electric charges
work/ Electric Potential Energy
Electric Potential difference
Chapter 16: , Q4, 1,4,6
Tuesday 4-12-11
OA: 16 in notes
Wrap up electric potential difference(0-3:13)
Find electric potential at a point in space
Ch 16: Q1,
Wednesday 4-13-11
OA: Find the potential 1.00 cm from a proton.
equipotential lines
Power Point equipotential lines
Silent Video of equipotential lines
Demonstration of equipotential lines
Capacitance of parallel plate capacitors
energy stored in capacitors
increase the distance between plates
Capacitors in Parallel
Chapter 16:
13,15,22, 23
Thursday 4-14-11
Draw the equipotential lines for a positive and a negative charge
Hand in Coulomb’s Law Lab (if you need copy of lab click here)
If you need a copy of the syllabus click here
Capacitors in series
Capacitors in circuits (series + parallel)
Talk about Lab
Ch 16
25, 29, 43
Friday 4-15-11
OA Go To work!
Equipotential Lab
Lab- Due 4-25-2011
Ch 16: 31,33,34
If busy with holiday Monday/Tuesday complete These two questions and two problems this weekend.
Chapter 17: Q4,Q5,3,54
Read Chapter 17 Section 1, 2
(Due wednesday)
Monday 4-18-11
OA: What is the equivalent capacitance of the following arrangement?
(Skip Dielectrics)
New note Sheets
Electric potential difference
Electricity Explained/Absorb High School Physics
Homework: Due Wednesday:
Chapter 17: Q4,Q5,3,54
Read Chapter 17 Section 1, 2
Tuesday 4-19-11 Help X-Block- If you are taking a AP exam there is a mandatory Groves meeting during X-Block
OA: There is an old admonition given to experimenters to "keep one hand in the pocket" when working around high voltages. Why might this be a good idea?
Ohm's Law
what does the resistance of a wire depend ?
Same as yesterday
Wednesday 4-20-11
OA: If the current carried by a conductor is doubled, what happens to the (a) charge carrier density and (b) electron drift velocity
Hand out Take Home Assignment (counts as test grade)- Due Next Week Friday
Homework Due Monday
Chapter 17: Q9,Q11,11, 14,15
Thursday 4-21-11- No X-Block, 1st hour starts at 7:30 am!
OA: None
Hand in OAs/Binders
Exam #2 (Millikan Oil Drop / Conductors in static equilibrium **+ Energy Chapter 16 No Delectrics!)**
Homework: Lab+
Homework Due Monday
Chapter 17: Q9,Q11,11, 14,15
Friday 4-22-11
No School
Take Home Assignment that counts as test grade due next week Friday
Monday 4-25-11
OA: The copper wire used in a house has a cross-sectional area of 3.00 mm^2. If 10.0 m of this wire is used to wire a circuit in the house at 20 degrees Celsius, find the resistance of the wire at 30 degrees Celsius.
Equipotential Lab Due
Chapter 17: 22,23,24
Tuesday 4-26-11
Opening Activity: GO to Work

Lab due Tuesday next week
Chapter 17: 31,32,36,45
Wednesday 4-27-11
Opening Activity: complete beginning of notes (1)
Emf/ Resistors in series and parallel
Fuses vs. circuit breakers
take home: Ch 18 Q4,Q12,1,7+
Chapter 17: G.3 (at the end of the problem section under “group activities”)- just do two appliances. Clarification for G.3: Cost on bill for each kW hour ($/kW hour) times kW found on appliances times hours used in a month. Usually appliances listed in Watts so convert to kW by dividing by 1000.
Thursday 4-28-11
Opening Activity: If electrical power is transmitted over long distances, the resistance of the wires become significant. Why? Which would have less energy loss--- high current and low voltage or low current and high voltage.
Resistors in series and parallel
Great Review Website
Take home: Ch 18 Q19,13,15
Friday 4-29-11
Opening Activity: Some homes have light dimmers that are operated by rotation of a knob. What is being changed in the electric circuit when the knob is rotated?
Kirchhoff Note(21:26-22:12)s
Last day to hand in TakeHome Assignment
Ch 18 16,17,23a,25
Monday 5-2-11- AP Chemistry am
Opening Activity: Finish #17 in notes Topics:
RC circuits
charging RC circuits
Charging and discharging
Ch 18: 27,31,32
Tuesday 5-3-11- AP Spanish am
OA: Why must a fuse or circuit breaker be in series with the device it is protecting?
Visit here for student notes, powerpoint,quick quizzes, animations
Materials, size, magnetic field, magnetic force equation
visuals for various magnetism topics
Homework: Ch 18: 33,36 + Ch 19: 6
Wednesday 5-4-11- AP Calculus am
OA: #13 in Notes
Right Hand Rule,
Homework: Ch 19: Q4,Q7,2,4,27+Finish notes to 22 (Right Hand Rule)
Thursday 5-5-11
OA: How can the motion of a charged particle be used to distinguish between a magnetic field and an electric field in a certain region?
Magnetism Notes
Electric force versus magnetic force, Earth’s Magnetic Field
Magnetic force on a current carrying wire,
Homework: Ch 19: Q6,1,3,8
Friday 5-6-11- AP US History am
OA:Can a constant magnetic field set into motion an electron at rest? Explain.
magnetic field due to a current carrying wire
Magnetic field due to a current pics
Magnetic field as vectors
Homework: Ch 19: 12,22
Monday 5-9-11
OA: Notes # 36, 37
Finish Magnetism
Review Sheet for Exam on Monday
Forces between wires, Forces between wires video
Forces between wires simulation
Ch 19: 34,35
Tuesday 5-10-11- AP Government am
OA: None
Lab- Resistors in Series and Parallel
Homework: Lab Due next week Tuesday
Ch 19 39,40,44
Wednesday 5-11-11 -AP Lang Exam am
OA. None
Lab- Magnetism
Homework: Lab (can be done at home, due next week Wednesday) Computer simulation
Ch 19: 47,53,56
Thursday 5-12-11
OA. A thin horizontal copper rod is 1.00 m long and has a mass of 50 g. What is the minimum current in the rod that can cause it to float in a horizontal magnetic field of 2.00T?
Faraday's Law
Faraday's Law videos
Lenz's Law
Lenz's Law with Guitar pickup
Ch 20 Q3,Q7,1,2
Friday 5-13-11- Prom
A loop of wire is placed in a uniform magnetic field. For what orientation of the loop is the magnetic flux a maximum? For what orientation is the flux zero?
Faraday's Law- Finish
Homework: Due Tuesday
Ch 20: 8,23,24,25, 29
Monday 5-16-11
OA: None
Chapter 18+19 Exam
(Faraday will be on next exam with light)
Ugh on a Monday! But it's better than during APs or on the day of prom.
Homework: Due Tuesday
Ch 20: 8,23,24,25, 29
Tuesday 5-17-11
OA: How is electrical energy produced in dams?
Wrap up transformers
Resistors in Series and Parallel Lab Due
Light Notes-
What is light?
electromagnetic spectrum
Law of reflection
Homework Ch 22 Q1,1
Wednesday 5-18-11
OA: How far in kilometers, would a beam of light travel in one year?
Magnetism Lab Due
One Way Mirror
red eye
blue sky
Ch 22: Q2,Q3, 6, Ch 23 Q1
Thursday 5-19-11
OA: You are taking a picture of yourself with a camera that uses an ultrasonic range finder to measure the distance of the object. When you take a picture of yourself in a mirror with this camera, your image is out of focus. Why?
Snell's Law,
Snell's Law video
Homework: Ch 22 : 10,13,22,24
Friday 5-20-11
OA: A scientific supply catalog advertises a material having an index of refraction of 0.85. Is this a good product to buy? Why or why not?
Human Eye
Dispersion, Rainbows, Total internal Reflection, fiber optics
Review Sheet Homework
Ch 22 34,35,41,45,47
Monday 5-23-11
OA. Is it possible to have total internal reflection for light incident from air on water? Explain
For notes, quick quizzes, powerpoint, homework problems click here
Plane mirrors with plane mirror activity
Homework: Ch 22 43 Ch23 Q8,Q10,3
Tuesday 5-24-11- Last Exam for Seniors!
OA: None
Faraday + Light Exam- Ch 20 / 22
OAs and binders due
Homework: Ch 22 43 Ch23 Q8,Q10,3
Wednesday 5-25-11
OA: None
Work On Cedar Point/ Last minute reminders
Cedar Point Counts as 2 Exams (Review + one) (Cannot be dropped) Due by Friday (going)
Stay at Home Packet
Homework: Cedar Point
Thursday 5-26-11
Cedar Point
Homework: Cedar Point
Cedar Point Packet- going
Cedar Point Staying at home go across the hall to Stukey's sub, check in and work on your packets!
Friday- Senior Skip Day 5-27-11
OA. Go to work!
Lab- Transformers
Cover 5 pts
Data (make your own charts) 10 pts
Analysis 1 10 pts
Analysis 2 10 pts
Conclusion 9 pts (no percent error)
Homework: Lab

Senior Finals
Review sheet
1st hour 7:30-9:00
2nd hour 9:10-10:40
Tuesday 5-31-11
OA: What is wrong with this painting?
external image manet-edouard-bar-in-folies-bergere-2601747.jpg

A Bar at the Folies-Bergere, Edouard Manet (1882)

Spherical mirrors
Concave mirrors
Convex mirrors
Homework: Ch 23: 5,6,7
Senior Finals
Review sheet3rd hour 7:30-9:00
4th hour 9:10-10:40
Wednesday 6-1-11
Transformer Lab Due
OA: Notes #13
wrap up mirrors
Ray diagrams for lenses
Homework: Ch 23 :
11, 14, G5 (page 746)
Senior finals
Review sheet5th hour 7:30-9:00
Thursday 6-2-11
OA. Notes 18
Ray diagrams for lenses
wrap up lenses
spherical aberrations
chromatic aberrations
Review Sheet for Exam next week
Homework: Ch 23: 18, 19, 29,
Friday 6-3-11
OA. None
Lab- Lenses
Cover- 5 pts
Procedure Questions (1-7)21pts
Additional Questions (1-3) 6 pts
Data 10 pts
Questions must be answered in complete sentences on a separate piece of paper....... if only answered on lab sheet inbetween the questions then the lab earns a ZERO!Homework: Lab
Ch 23:
30, 47, G6 (page 746)

Monday 6-6-11
OA: Holding your hand at arm's length, you can block sunlight from your eyes. Why can you not block sound from your ears this way?
Systems of mirrors and lenses
Mirrors and lenses Jeopardy
No Inteference on Wednesday Exam!
Interference Notes
Read Chapter 24 Sections 24.1, 24.2, 24.3
Chapter 23: 39, 41, 51
Chapter 24 : Q8
Tuesday 6-7-11
OA: What path-length difference between two waves produces constructive interference? destructive?
thin Film interference
Homework: Read Chapter 24.4, 24.5
Chapter 24 Q1,1,3,4,6 Due Thursday
Wednesday 6-8-11
OA: None
Exam- Light Chapter 23
Read Chapter 24.4, 24.5
Chapter 24 Q1, 1,3,4,6
Thursday 6-9-11
OA: A possible means for making an airplane invisible to radar is to coat the plane with an antireflective polymer. If radar waves have a wavelength of 3.00cm and the index of refraction of the polymer is n=1.50, how thick would you make the coating?
Single vs. Double
Read Chapter 24.6, 24.8, 24.9
Chapter 24 Q3,Q15, 30,
Study Guide due Tuesday, Lab due Monday
Friday 6-10-11- Locker Cleanout
OA. None
Lab: Lenses Lab Due
Lab- Interference with lasers
Read Chapter 24.6, 24.8, 24.9
Chapter 24 : 31, 36b only,40
Study Guide due Tuesday, Lab due Monday
Review for 3rd Trimester Final
Monday 6-13-11
OA. Often fingerprints left on a piece of glass such as a window pane show colored spectra like that from a diffraction grating. Why?
check Homework
Electromagnetic wave
Polarized vs. Unpolarized, Brewster's Law
Reflection Light
Light through single polarizer
simulation with multiple polarizers
Collect lab (s) (Lenses/ Lasers-if not handed in Friday)
Chapter 24: 45,46
Study Guide Sheet
Tuesday 6-14-11
OA: None
Study Guide- Hand in at the end of class... remember 20% of grade on final
Questions about Review for final
Homework: Study
For Final: Bring Pencil and Calculator
1st hour Wednesday 7:30-9:00
3rd hour Thursday 7:30-9:00
5th hour Friday 7:30-9:00
Remember to return your book to the book room